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Teide Star Saddle

Ref.: 663

Saddle made with a flexible or rigid tree.
Unlike the standard Teide saddle, this model has the flap further forward and an outer stud so the rider can hold on better.
Tree guaranteed for six years under normal conditions of use.


All our English saddles have a semi-flexible frame that allows their width to be increased or reduced as necessary so that it can match the horse’s back perfectly. Ludomar English saddles can be expanded or contracted up to 1 cm on each side, which makes them highly adaptable.
For example, a size W saddle (35 cm) can be contracted to become a size N (33 cm) or expanded to become a size XW (37 cm).
Note: The frame of a Ludomar saddle must be expanded or contracted by a professional saddler or under his/her supervision.


Width of heads: N, W and XW
Sizes: 17”, 17 ½”, and 18”
Material: thick leather
Colours: See colour section